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Welcome to whohas.co.uk.


On this site we  answer your question Who has?

If you want to know who has - ask Whohas.co.uk.


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About Whohas.
A few years ago the reality dawned that simply put, with all the web sites and information available out there it was still difficult to find someone who has what you want. Search engines have made this a little easier, but at the same time the potential sources have ballooned. The value that needed delivering therefore was a web facility that can answer the question Whohas?

That's what Whohas.co.uk aims to do. We offer products and services directly and provide a referral facility and portal for products and services of others. We are interested in hearing from anyone about products and services they think people will be asked ‘Whohas?’ Please get in touch. Suggestions.

Whohas.co.uk is a trading name of Vantage Business Services Ltd.

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